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    “I don’t know how you did it, man, but you got her here.. and whoa.. topless.  Wait, why does she look like she wants to eat me?”

    “Her training has convinced her that she can’t cum until you do and she’s been on the edge of an orgasm for a week….  Have fun!”  I walk away quickly and onto my next project.

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  5. hypdom:

    Who is she?

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  7. orgasmicdreamer:



    Rhian Sugden

    With an ass like hers, she has every right to park those bikini bottoms as low as they’ll go.

    I wish I could pin down exactly what makes me so drawn to her. Something about her makes me think of sex every single time she pops up on my dash; it’s kind of like I associate Rhian with sex. I guess that means she’s doing her job well.

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  9. wanktrance:

    Audrey Bitoni

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